Saturday, 24 August 2013

Henry Hugglemonsters

Just the photos were taken by me - actual models were made by my wife. She was commisioned by Brown Bag Films to make a few models of Henry - the main character from their recent cartoon series - The Happy Hugglemonsters.

More photos of Henry's sculptures: Henry Hugglemonster
If you want to see previous models made by my wife - go to Grazyna Chyla - portfolio

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Origin - making of

"Origin" is a short film by James Stacey, on which I have worked as a lighter and compositor.
While it premiered in Galway Film Festival 2011, it has been released online only recently.
I was asked to do some Making Of article - below are some slideshows showing compositing stages of the forest shots:

This one is similar, but more detailed, showing all the raw render passes used in the compositing process.

And this is the link to the project website, where you can watch entire short: